The Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP) is the premier venue for disseminating new research ideas and cutting-edge results in Geometry Processing. In this research area, concepts from mathematics, computer science, and engineering are studied and applied to offer new insights and design efficient algorithms for acquisition, modeling, analysis, manipulation, simulation and other types of processing of 3D models and shape collections.

Response to Pandemic

15/9/2020 – The SGP 2021 organizational team is planning to host our conference in person in Toronto, Canada. This plan is tentative and will depend on a sequence of positive changes. Please check back periodically for updates as we monitor the situation and adjust.



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Organizational Team

Conference co-ChairsAngel Chang, Alec Jacobson
Program co-ChairsJulie Digne, Keenan Crane
Graduate School co-ChairsNicolas Mellado, Renjie Chen
Steering CommitteeLeif Kobbelt, Marc Alexa, Pierre Alliez, Mirela Ben-Chen, Hui Huang, Niloy Mitra, Daniele Panozzo

SGP 2021 is held in cooperation with Eurographics and ACM SIGGRAPH.